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Carry Or Collapse (2011)

Fingers Crossed
Cut Into Billions
Drop Words Build Ruins
Every Now And Then
The Streets We Walk
Prime Time
Hard To Colour
Bloody Headlines (Keep The Doors Shut)
Pay The Prize
My Tickin Heart

Nothing's 4 Free (2009)

Young Tough Boys
Why Should We Care
Tribute To Those
When We're Cornered
Charles Starvin
Hit The Core

Pay The Prize

same old voice same old words I can't hear them anymore and again I'm fucking told what I was all the tries before I was just a fucking pity I was only out of luck can't be that fucking hard maybe it wasn't just my time I exactly know the answer but got no chance to reply I have lost a little money but there's much more in the prize Iím gonna walk off with this all as soon as I make it through the line there's another striking hour I've been waiting for so long they have just filled up the jackpot but there's no news on the phone what's behind that prize? Itís what appears in all my dreams if I could only answer I'd make it real can't take this any longer can't take another blow waiting wasting time is running out for me

This song can be found on our 2011 record 'Carry Or Collapse'.
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