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Carry Or Collapse (2011)

Fingers Crossed
Cut Into Billions
Drop Words Build Ruins
Every Now And Then
The Streets We Walk
Prime Time
Hard To Colour
Bloody Headlines (Keep The Doors Shut)
Pay The Prize
My Tickin Heart

Nothing's 4 Free (2009)

Young Tough Boys
Why Should We Care
Tribute To Those
When We're Cornered
Charles Starvin
Hit The Core

Hard To Colour

Newschool is what we're called today - there's a whole generation trying to walk on its own. Useless is what the old men say - they are sick of watching us tumble before we fall. They are the masters we are the plan and we're forced to follow the rules of the generation act. Rejected orders from a rejected youth - it's so hard to colour when black and white define the room. We are strictly watched by the old masters and their old plans - that have spent a lot but wasted time. They are sick of watching us try and try but we fail. The present speaks no more black and white - dip our words in colours and paint it on each wall of the room. The voices that we haven't heard before are ringing out now in these, these great halls that our fathers once have built.

This song can be found on our 2011 record 'Carry Or Collapse'.
If you like it - order it here.