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Carry Or Collapse (2011)

Fingers Crossed
Cut Into Billions
Drop Words Build Ruins
Every Now And Then
The Streets We Walk
Prime Time
Hard To Colour
Bloody Headlines (Keep The Doors Shut)
Pay The Prize
My Tickin Heart

Nothing's 4 Free (2009)

Young Tough Boys
Why Should We Care
Tribute To Those
When We're Cornered
Charles Starvin
Hit The Core

Drop Words Build Ruins

It won't break my cycle but it's gonna break my neck. All my principles and rules and promises I haven't kept. Taken points taken steps always losing blood and sweat. Keep on moving up the stairs drives me to despair. Can't face the truth but someday I'll face my death. Sitting there feeling shocked afraid of looking back on taken points and taken steps what does it mean when nothing's left. And if I took just one look back sure that I wouldn't dare. Don't now how I meant that - I call to arms and now I'm falling back faced my words with all their shape I tried to carry heavy weight - my ideas became a wreck. And so the building fell apart I'm at the bottom of the chart feeling smashed up drifting away I'm tired of coming back again I'm not coming back again. Woke up broken found my foundation torn - all the cracks and leaks in it must have been there before. I built it up on words - I haven't thought it through. Now I'm crawling through the ashes of my ruin. All my words based on - I built walls based on lies.

This song can be found on our 2011 record 'Carry Or Collapse'.
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